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People's Climate March, Washington, D.C, April 29th: Alternative Energy Not Alternative Facts

This agit-art graphic from Earthjustice blew me away and I had to use it to shout out: My friend Sherry and I are going to the People's Climate March in D.C. on April 29th.

I joined the September 2014 Climate March in NYC, which was the largest climate march in history. And let me tell you, marching on the streets of Manhattan with 400,000 people from all over the world, felt like history.

In that peaceful yet powerful crowd I knew we will only manifest the future we want if we create our own history. This is not a time to be hiding n the corner. Not the time to be sitting on a fence.

It is time we take sides and join with others who are willing to stand up to the politicians who think they can turn back the clock on environmental and social justice.

We will not be poisoned by corporations who think they are unaccountable. We will not allow the earth to be degraded for corporate profit.

Below is a video I shot of Van Jones speaking in Feb 2013 at the Climate Rally in DC. Watch it. Feel the Power.

Get off your ass. Participate.

Copyright 2017 Paul E McGinniss

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