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Eric Cahan, Artist, NYC

When I discovered Eric Cahan’s polyester resin sculptures on line, the first thing I thought was: I want one!  These heavenly objects are made from the same surface material as surfboards and sailboards.  They are, in their own way, three-dimensional interpretations of his ethereal photographs which capture the sky from sunrise to sunset.  


Cahan points out on his web site that the way light behaves and interacts with the material of his sculptures depends entirely on the sculpture’s environment.  If outdoors, earth and sky are visible through and filtered by the sculpture’s material. If indoors, the resin will predominately reflect the light around it, acting much like a prism.


Eric says: “My work is meant to capture a moment in nature, asking and empowering the viewer to be fully present, involved, and uplifted. I want the viewer to be drawn in, and be completely absorbed by, rather than separate from, that fleeting moment in time.”


The artist also executed a number of videos for a series called "Mood."   They subtly wash over you and would be magnificent on a large HD screen.


There's no wonder the work of this artist is so angelic and uplifting as his art fully embodies the following statement he makes concerning the raison d'etre for his creative output: “My mission is to capture light. Light is the true subject of this series: its constant mystery, the way it shifts and colors everything around it in nature.”


Check out Eric's work on his web site.



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