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Products To Set Up Grid Independent, Resilient Living

Tentipi Shelters 

Tentipi Tents can fit in a backpack


Who doesn't want to hang out in an outdoor shelter  with some close friends and family and chill out in nature?  Whether it be in the backyard or in some rugged, remote, Tentipi will help you stay safe and secure while you enjoy nature.  


Bengt Grahn founded Tentipi in 1989 after he had a dream of creating the perfect tent while on a canoeing adventure in the Lapland Region in Northern Sweden.   During the trip, there were too many mosquitoes and the tents they had  did not have mosquito protection. The tents were also too small  for Bengt and his friends to hang out in together.  So when he returned back home he started a line a tents that not only look cool but are super practical, durable and can be set up in minutes.


The inspiration for the Tentipi was from Nordic nomads,  who had to traverse rough terrain with portable, strong, weather proof structures. The Tetipi design and construction combines the ingenuity of the past with the technology of today.    These Nordic tipis have a big advantage in the wind because they have a symmetrical shape with a low centre of gravity. This keeps the tents stable when the wind gusts; they are  more secure in high and gusty winds than most other tent designs.   Tentipis are lightweight  and include a five-piece, triple-strength alloy pole, powerful ground straps, the strongest storm cord fasteners on the market.


Tentipi Nordic tipi tents are designed to enable use of a small open fire inside the tent so on wet, cold rainy nights you will have a cozy warmth inside the spacious, well ventilated tents. Tentipi structures come in a wide  range of Sizes ,  from cozy, 4 to five people sizes with room to stand up in to huge event sized Tentipis where a whole village could gather.


These abodes are not super cheap, but like much of life. sometimes you get what you pay for.  The least expensive Tentipi tents, in their Onyx line, comes in around $900 something U.S. dollars.    You can can carry an Onyx easily in your backpack and it can sleep up to 5 people.  The Onyx 5 Light Tent weighs only 7.80 lbs. When packed it has a diameter:  of 7.87 inches by 22.44 inches.  It sleeps 4-6 people and can Seat: 8-10 people.  Erected  the Diameter is: 12.46 ft with a Height of  7.54 ft .


Check out this video about Tentipi tents


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