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Products To Set Up Grid Independent, Resilient Living

Million Mile Light

Jogging, running or walking on roads with cars can be

hazardous,, especially at night and pedestrians have to make sure they are visible.  And even when walking and hiking off road on trails or paths you might want some light when it gets dark to see where you are going or be able to be seen if you get lost or separated from your fellow travellers.


Milliion Mile light is 100% self powered from your own movement.  The lightweight design clips on to your waistband (strap supplied), bicep, wrist or ankle straps and is so light it won't pull your socks down.


The company Positively Human which makes the light was founded by Tom Lawton, an award winning British designer, inventor and environmentalist.


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Das Keyboard Data Protecting Bags, Backpacks & Wallets  

In our all seeing wi-fi and drone filled  world, your personal  data can be hacked off credit cards, phones, tablets, phablets and computers.


Your physical location can also be traced from electronic devices even if you want your location to remain private. 


Das Keyboard has a cool line of Radio Frequency
 (RF) blocking  backpacks, bags and wallets, that stop electonic snooping, protects your data and your location. 


Don't get caught with your digital pants down.  Out Bond James Bond.   Be your own Jason Bourne.  


Das Keyboard's Hackshield Technology and  sleek, sturdy designs gives you an impenatrable data fortress that physically protects your gear while blocking electronic data transmission to and from the cloud.

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