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Made in New York: Bringing You New York's Creative State of Mind

Home grown food, fashion and other products made in The Empire State

Mood NYC: Skateboards, T-Shirts & Hats,  Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn-based Mood was launched in 2012 by designer-skateboarders Calvin Waterman and Grandison Taber.  Their collaboration with other creative people like swiss graphic designer Simone Niquille and Brooklyn Painter Patrick Armstrong results in a line of products that are striking artistically and capture the creative pulse of the street in NYC.


Co-Founder and Creative Director, Calvin Waterman told NYGA: "Our skateboards are made in NY, in Long Island at Chapman Skateboards. Our shirts are printed in NY as well at Antilogy Design in New Paltz, NY. We are striving to keep as much stuff made in NY as possible. We plan to start producing our hats here and cut and sew garments here within the next year."


Ckeck out this cool Mood video.


Catch the summer collection at





Airtight Cycles, Custom Bikes, Brooklyn, NY

OK so they are probably kind of expensive.  But, hey it's expensive to live anywhere in NYC now so if you have a few extra bucks to spare (and perhaps pounds to shed) you gotta check out Airtight Cycles cutsom made steel bikes by Mathew Amonson . All of Matthew's bicycle frames are tailor made to fit the rider's proportions and riding style.   These elegant bikes are not just meant to look pretty.  Amonson says his goal is : "To build very high performance frames that will be ridden in the city every day.".  This maestero of metal makes his cool wheels using only steel, bronze and silver.


This young designer and one man bike factory was inspired by legendary bike designer Koichi Yamaguchi.   Matthew actually studied under Yamaguchi in Colorado before he started making bikes in Brooklyn. 


Airtight's signature design is called "The Mobius" and it looks like it could float on air.

Surely Moby will want a "Mobius" Airtight Cycle  to tool around town if he doesn't have one already.


Check out Airtight Cycle and have a custom made bike hanging on your wall like a sculpture as part of your NYC transportaion wardrobe.

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