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Rickshaw Reflective Backpacks, Bags & Accessories


Reflective Tweed.  What will "they" think of next?  San Francisco based Rickshaw Bagworks has a Kickstarter campaign to launch a new line of products made with reflective fabric.    They have already exceeded their Kickstarter goal so these products will be coming to the market. 


Rickshaw Bagworks is a San Francisco-based manufacturer of custom messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases, tote bags, laptop/tablet sleeves and related accessories. Rickshaw manufactures its own products in its own cut and sew factory in the historic Dogpatch neighborhood in San Francisco.


Rickshaw was founded in 2007 by Mark Dwight.   Last year "Boss Tweed" discovered a new and innovative reflective yarn, and immediately dreamed of REFLECTIVE Performance Tweed™. The reflective yarn is expensive, and challenging to weave, but Rickshaw found an entrepreneurial mill in North Carolina to help the company develop this exciting new fabric.  The bags and backpacks made with reflective fabric are intensely radical!  Even in ambient light the backpack "shimmers" — and in the dark, the bag explodes with reflectivity when illuminated. The fabric is visibly special in both daylight and darkness.


Rickshaw products made out of solid reflective fabric is extravagant, (expensive) but stunning.  For a more affordable alternative, they created a striped version using much less reflective yarn. The company has tested five fabric colors — Black, Blue, Red, Purple and Green.


Looking forward to what Boss Tweed comes up with next in a dream.  Check out Rickshaw Bagworks.   


And Support New York Green Advocate by buying a Rickshaw Bagworks accessory or other products on Amazon.






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