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Products To Set Up Grid Independent, Resilient Living

Movpak Rectractable Electric and Skateboard Backpack

Movpak is the first backpack that can carry your laptop, your books and you at the same time. It unfolds in one movement into an electric vehicle that goes up to 15 mph with a wireless remote.  You can also use the Movpak as a rolling suitcase.  It has a built-in chargger for smartphones and other devices.  The range is 9 miles and the Movpak weighs 17 pounds with a battery that works for two hours when fully charged. I'd be surprised if the Movpak doesn't become super popular.  If you watch the video (above) about Movpak you'll hear testominials which say the Movpak is practical, fun and easy to use.


Check out Movpak.






Caseboards: Foldable ELectric Skateboards



In the near future, everything from cars, bikes, skateboards, boats and planes will be fueled by solar PV charged engines.


Caseboards is at the cutting edge of EV power with the introduction of their foldable electric skateboard.


Caseboards are the world's most advanced electric skateboards showing how compact personal transport can be.  It comes with a 500 watt brushless motor and 36 volt 7 AH lithium battery, rechargeable wireless hand controller with speedometer, 5 bar battery indicator, bell and light. The Caseboard is capable of going 35 kph (21.5 mph) with a range of up to 30 km (18.5 miles).


Help Fund This on Kickstarter.


Check out this Video of a Caseboard in action.

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