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WindPax Portable Wind Turbines



Products To Set Up Grid Independent, Resilient Living

These super cool wind turbines should be on everyone's resiliency planning "to buy" list for 2014. We can not always rely on the sun to generate free, clean, power and having a portable wind turbine is a fun way to have that extra protection you need to make sure you are never without power.


WindPax wind turbines are Collapsible, Durable, Portable, Light-Weight, Adaptable and Affordable.  You can use them camping,  when going out to a park for a picnic, on your deck and balcony at your house or apartment, or on a boat.  The turbines can be set on the ground or clipped to railings.  They can even clip to the side of a bus shelter to capture power while waiting for a bus.


The turbines come with removable, internal battery sticks with USB & Mini-USB hookups that easily attaches by sliding it into the turbine shaft.  Your devices can be charged straight from the turbine, or you can charge the internal battery and power your devices on the go.


The battery has an LED integrated into it and can act as a flashlight when unplugged or you can use the entire WindPax Turbine as a camp lantern by flipping on the LED and keeping the battery stick installed.


A great addition to the WindPax system is a  dual swivel-head, clamp-on LED light system that has a 3 foot USB cord: It's A great way to light up the night!


The turbines are easily collapsible and the Wisp version fits inside a small backpack.

The WindPax turbines also easily telescope out, can be set up in under 2 minutes, and can generate power on the smallest of breezes 24 hours a day.


For safety, the fins of the turbine are made of flexible plastic that won’t injure someone not looking as they walk by. Also, the fins have a break-away feature that allows them to transition to a flat surface in the event that you encounter dangerously high winds (This keeps your wind turbine from “flying” away).


See the Wisk portable wind turbine from WindPak in Action on this video


WindPax portable wind turbines are only available on Kickstarter now but

you can possibly snag one at a discount if you help start their Kickstarter campaign.



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