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Shout Out to Alex Wilson & Resilient Design Institute: If You Want to Go Off Grid Alex is the Ma

I have had the immense pleasure of meeting Alex Wilson on several occasions. I hosted an amazing Post-Hurricane Sandy event in NYC with him about resiliency.

You have to read his new post: Fundamentals of Resilient Design: Backup Power for Homes. Alex has a way of making it so easy to see how to actually build a green and sustainable homestead. One reason his articles are so informative is he is not just writing about the subject of resiliency. He is living resiliently and has been for years.

The above image is a group-net-metered solar array on an 1812 barn at Alex Wilson's Leonard Farm in Vermont. He says about his system: "We don’t have battery back-up, but we have an inverter that allows us to pull daytime power off the array even when the power grid is down. (Photo: Alex Wilson)

Read Fundamentals of Resilient Design: Backup Power for Homes. It's an excellent summary of how to set yourself up for having power even when the grid goes down.

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