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The World of Man and Nature: The Beat Goes on for Philosopher Alan Watts in this Awesome Video

An artist friend of mine recently turned me on to Alan Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) I had heard of this Buddhist philosopher-nature lover before but the unpretentious profoundness of his writing and thoughts never sank in. Watts moved to California by way of Great Britian and was at the center of beat era culture with the likes of big thinkers Allen Ginsburg and Timothy Leary.

This video called "The World of Man and Nature" is by a passionate artist named Omind Pakbin. It combines Alan Watts words with breathtaking time lapse footage by two amazing photographers, and music by Carbon Based Lifeforms.

Omind Pakbin has a s series of eye-opening and thought-provoking videos called Omega Point featuring great minds such as Terence McKenna, Alan Watts and Robert Anton Wilson.

When you're done watching the video check out the poetry of environmental advocate Gary Snyder who like Alan Watts, studied zen Buddhism. Snyder was a friend of Watts and was influential in making Watts' phlosophy so intertwined with thoughts on the environment and man's place in the natural world.

Snyder won a Pulitizer prize in 1975 for his book of poems called "Turtle Island". Turtle Island, by the way, was a name the Native Americans used for North America. Aamzing how much you can learn when you get inpsired by an artistic music video with the words of Alan Watts, who seems even more relevant today than he did when he was alive and at the cutting edge of 20th century thought.

Keep up the Omega Point videos Omind. Good Stuff. Reminds me in a way of the Shots of Awe videos by Jason Silva.

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