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Petition Station.... Instead of Reacting, Take Action: Tell Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Stop promoting ha

Silence = Death

You'd think that in an era when Larry Kramer's brilliant story about the AIDS epidemic, The Normal Heart, airs to wide acclaim on HBO, that rampant and unaccaeptable homophobia would not be tolerated in mainstream politics. Well it is and NYGA will not put up with it.

Despite widely accepted and scientifically proven FACTS, the Texas Governor Rick Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism at an event in San Francisco. And the Texas GOP leadership is endorsing a platform that not only bans marriage equality, but also promotes "gay conversion therapy" -- a widely discredited and immeasurably harmful process intended to “cure” homosexuality.

We must have the courage to fight back to help keep our LGBT brothers and sisters -- especially our youth -- safe and free from hate!

“Stop promoting hateful, ignorant, and harmful anti-LGBT policies. Do not allow your party’s platform to promote ‘gay conversion therapy’. There is clear and consistent evidence that conversion therapy does not work and causes serious and immeasurable physical and psychological harm.”

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