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"Time to Choose" Doc Shows Light at the End of the Climate Change Tunnel

A few years back I suffered from what I called Climate Change Anxiety Disorder. I was writing for a national web site about hard hitting environmental stories. I wrote about Fukushima,

depleted uranium, the leaking Indian Point reactor in New York, the melting ice shelf in Greenland, toxic herbicides and pesticides used widely, plastic in the oceans and Hurricane Sandy. I needed a break.

I started a yardfarm. And, I decided to write primarily about the good things happening under the gloomy surface of the environmental movement. I had always focused more on the positive than the negative in my writing, but now I am really drawing a line.

Luckily, there are lots of cool, inspiring things happening and the new film about the solution to help mitigate climate change,"Time to Choose", captures lots of them.

Near where I live in Ulster County, NY, The Rosendale Theater Collective is hosting a screening of "Time To Choose" in collaboration with Sustainable Hudson Valley. The event is part of a nationwide conversation that is happening as the film is screened across the country.

It's time to gather all the positive forces in the universe and get on with the business of creating the future we want.

If you live in the Hudson Valley, come check out "Time To Choose" in Rosendale on Wednesday, June 15 at 7:15 PM. If you live elsewhere, try and find another screening and become part of the discussion.

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