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Yardfarmers: A Reality Show Seeks Young Farmers Who Yawn at Lawns and Want to Turn Their Parents&#3

I have long thought it absurd that there are so many inedible, manicured lawns. All that space and hardly no kitchen gardens to be found. This notion is especially egregious given that so many of these lawns are laden with toxic chemicals. For example, Roundup, banned in more and more countries including France and The Netherlands, is still found front and center at garden centers here in America.

Well, thankfully, a new reality TV show, Yardfarmers, has declared: "Down with Lawns!" It hopes to turn America's vast lawn space into a network of sustainable, organic food producing mini farms. When combined, they could truly transform neighborhoods into Food Hubs. The 2016 show is currently filming. The producers are seeking new farmers to star in the 2017 show!

Attention New Yorkers! Are you between the ages of 21 and 30ish and still living with your parents? (Or, would you consider moving back in with them?) Do you want to try to convert your parents’ lawn (and neighborhood greenspaces) into a workable yardfarm–one that can sustain you and your family either nutritionally or financially or both? Do you want some guy with a camera following you around while you try to do this for nine months?!? If so, click here.

I love the idea of this show because I am a yardfarmer. I had never gardened before. Last year I started digging out part of our backyard to grow food. I dug out another 300 sf this past month so I could plant more varieties of greens and vegetables. Garlic planted last Fall is already popping up! On my list to grow this year are heirloom tomatoes, Russian Kale, Thai Peppers, purple tomatillos, Japanese eggplant, blue potatoes, arugula, endive, spinach, radicchio, carrots, brussel sprouts and French radishes. Oh, and all sorts of herbs like dill, cilantro, parsley, tarragon, rosemary, & thyme.

So, New Yorkers living at "home" with your parents: Get Your Farmer On! Get Ready for your close up!!

Be Inspired. Watch the video below and meet the sustainability stars of the 2016 Yardfarmers. It makes you realize we do not have to make America great again because it's already pretty darn cool already.

Copyright 2016 Paul E McGinniss

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