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Farmchitecture On the Horizon: Urban Plant Tower Proposed for NYC Is Part of Citywide Farm Revolutio

If you want a sneak peak at NYC, "circa not far from now", you'll have to check out the Urban Plant Tower proposed by D+DS architecture. This brilliant idea takes "green building" to where it really should be by creating a living structure that does not just contain us efficiently, but sustains us, growing and breathing like a living organism.

Biophilic structures like the proposed plant tower incorporate permaculture along with parking, having farms in their food courts. This architectural bravado has a place for avocado trees with lobbies that literally grow on you.

Image of Urban Plant Tower via D+DS Architecture.

The Urban Plant Tower would include 400 apartments with communal spaces in the middle of the structure and a hydroponic winter garden on the rooftop. According to the architects, the entire building will operate on renewable cycles of energy and water. A fully functional renewable food cycle will be made possible by the hydroponic system. And, the building will integrate retail space with an orchard, ample green space, sport facilities, and bioswales.

This innovative plant tower is part of Gotham's citywide farm movement. Here's a taste of what is already happening around the NYC farm scene:

The farmer will oversee the farm and tend to beehives and a composting operation.

Farm at Urby in Staten Island, New York.

This 65,000 square foot field of dreams was conjured up by ahead-of-the-curve farmsters at the Brooklyn Grange.

Brooklyn Grange's Rooftop Farm at Brooklyn Navy Yard.

This rooftop farm produces 2,500 pounds of herbs and green produce

every week!

A Rooftop Farm in the Bronx, NYC by Sky Vegetables

In the future, working on Wall Street and getting a job on a farm might very well be the same thing.

Ya gotta love NYC. Now pass me one of those juicy Bushwick tomatoes so I can make myself some fresh sauce to go with the pasta I just created from my stash of Williamsburg Wheat.

Copyright 2016 Paul E McGinniss

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