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Made in New York: "Yeah, Of Course, I Knew Those Gorgeous Lamps Are Made From Used Coffee Filte

Brazillian born, NYC-based Vilma Farrell wastes not, wants not. She gatherts used coffee filters from cafés and fashions elegant one-of-a-kind lampshades from them. The filters are stained with coffee and water-based paints. Farrell then weaves the recycled coffee filters on a wire frame to create these modern, yet rustic looking, lampshades.

The luminous, handcrafted items are sold in her shop, Lampada, on Etsy.

We like these lamps a latte (sic) !

Thanks, Vilma Farrell, for reminding us that nothing, not even garbage, should be taken for granted or dismissed. And, kudos a special thanks for calling out attention to the brilliant and creative melting pot that is New York City!!!

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