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Japanese Town Declares War on Waste: Aims to be First Zero Waste Town on Earth by 2020

Kamikatsu, Japan already composts all food waste and recycles, or reuses 80% of its garbage. By 2020, Kamikatsu hopes to be 100% zero waste, with no use of landfills. The town hopes to forge connections with other like-minded communities in the world, spreading the practice of zero-waste.

At first, it was difficult for the residents to be come accustomed to the new rules. "It can be a pain, and at first we were opposed to the idea," says resident, Hatsue Katayama. "If you get used to it, it becomes normal."

Welcome to the future, where zero waste will be the new normal, and throwing things out will be as absurd as thinking the world is flat.

Via Seeker Stories


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