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Best Green Building Products: It's Time To Lollygagg with Lollygagg. Green Furniture That Will Make


If you want to make your nosy neighbors green with envy, it's time to Lollygagg with Lollygagger. In 2003 Loll Designs was conceived as a way to repurpose excess skate ramp material into outdoor furniture. Loll Designs crafts its Lollygagger collection of outdoor furniture in Duluth, Minnesota from composite boards whose contents include post-consumer recycled plastic milk jugs, a UV-stabilizer, and a colored pigment.

You can get their furniture in a wide selection of colors. One can choose to go Armani Casa in cool grays or white. Or you can pump it up and have bright red Adirondack chairs or orange tables.

The Wallbanger, depicted in the picture below, is a groovy little wall bar you can put in a country cabin to spice up the reclaimed wood in your re-sided living room.

The feel good thing about this line of furniture is not just due to its fresh style. Indeed, the company's founders drew inspiration from their obsessive desire to work for themselves, and guided by a company mantra borrowed from Bob Dylan “When something’s not right, it’s wrong.” This entrepreneurial spirit and an inherent concern for the environment led the founders to seek sustainable business practices beginning with a reduction in raw material waste and committing to using recycled and recyclable materials to create settings where people can enjoy themselves.

Loll's wallbanger_2.jpg

Loll products are made with 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is the same material as the #2 plastics (i.e. mostly milk jugs) that you take out to the curb every week. Milk jugs are used due to their lack of pigment so another color can be created.

Oh, yes, for all the real Lollygaggers out there, take note. This furniture is super easy to maintain because of the upcycled materials they are derived from. Loll furniture will not warp, rot, require paint or stain or any ongoing maintenance to keep its beautiful appearance. So, when you're sitting next to your neon green garden planter on your purple chaise lounge in a haze of happiness, you wont have to worry about putting anything away when the rain sets in.

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