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Five Reasons Not To Be Depressed About Climate Change: Uplifting News For a Planet in Transition

***Big news! The U.S. announced this week the creation of "the largest marine reserve in the world." No fishing, no drilling, no extracting....just corals, fish, shellfish, marine mammals, seabirds, land birds, insects and plants found nowhere else on Earth.

***Federal Judge: BP 'Grossly Negligent' in Gulf Oil Disaster

***UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has now created the first outlet in the country to be powered solely through organic waste products.

***'They're Right': Citing Climate, Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Coal Blockaders

***Governments, Business, Civil Society and Indigenous Leaders Pledge to End Loss of Forests. Declaration Would End Billions of Tons of Climate Pollution per Year, Backed With More Than $1 Billion Down Payment, Restore 350 Million Hectares of Forest

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