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Petition Station: Instead of Reacting..Take Action: The the USDA to Label Pink Slime

OK, so some of us eat meat, beef in particular. Yes, we are concerned about deforestation and cutting down swaths of nature to raise cattle. Yes, we are worried about methane emissions from livestock, just like we are from fracking. And, yes we are against cruel, large scale factory farms which pollute waterways and generally wreak havoc on the environment.

But, those of us who still eat meat don't want food companies putting crap in our food and trying to hide the ingredients. Just like we want to know if our foods are genetically modified. Is honesty and transparency too much to ask for from corporations who profit from our purchasing decisions? I think not.

Warning: Pink slime is back. The ammonia-treated beef additive made from grinding together unused scraps of beef and connective tissue is starting to make a major comeback with sales up three-fold since 2012.

Now it's time for the USDA to mandate that companies, from the processing plant to the consumer, label beef containing pink slime so people know what they’re buying.

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