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We Will Never Be Able To Give Up Dirty Fossil Fuels and Dangerous Nuclear Energy: NOT

Attention: Negative Nellies who have their heads stuck in the Tar Sands -- Burlington, Vermont's Largest City Is Now 100% Powered by Renewables.

Burlington Vermont.png

Yes, that's right. 42,000 people living in Burlington are now fossil fuel and nuclear free. And, guess what? They did not have to slide into the Dark Ages to do so.

How is this possible? Leadership. Vermont set a goal of securing 90 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2050. And, not just renewable electricity, but also renewable sources of energy for heating and transportation. Wow!

But hey New Yorkers, don't sweat being left behind. Yes, NYC is a bigger nut to crack,but don't tell me we can't make The Big Apple, as well as the rest of New York State, 100% powered by renewables. This Gothamite will not take no for an answer.

There's much going on that will make us clean and green. For instance, New York City has a pilot program that will convert the thousands of pounds of food waste currently shipped to out-of-state landfills into biogas. It will heat up to 5,200 homes throughout the city and help curb roughly 90,000 metric tons of the state’s annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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