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Five Reasons Not To Be Depressed About Climate Change

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The summer is over but it is just the Spring of our green renaissance. In the future we will be able to power ourselves with our own waste and grow our own fuel. Local farmers will be able to compete with large food companies. Solar PV cells are becoming exponentially more efficient. Here's the latest news we found that keeps our chin up and energy high.

*Algae Systems Plant Produces Clean Water, Energy

Via Environmental leader

*Report: 12% of US Electricity Could Come From Waste-to-Energy

Via Sustainable Brands

*Stacked solar cells could achieve more than 50 percent efficiency and 5 cent per kilowatt hour costs in 3 to 5 years

Via Next Big Future

*Sweet Victory for Mexico Beekeepers as Monsanto Loses GM Permit

Via The Guardian

*Millennials' Interest in Social Responsibility Prompts Documentary Boom from Netflix

Via Sustainable Brands

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