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Best Green Building Products: Catch a Breeze with the Elegant Haiku Fan

You had me at Haiku. I'm a fan of this fan which is literally a kind of poetry in motion and the perfect blend of technology and good design.

Haiku is from Big Ass Fans, a company I have been following since 2007 when I attended USGBC's Green Build in Chicago and met one of their reps in a cab on the way into town from the airport. I laughed when I heard the name and at the time they were making mostly "Big Ass" fans, gigantic fans suitable for Howard Hughes siized airplane hangars or other super sized buildings.

The Haiku is super efficient and holds the top ENERGY STAR® rankings for ceiling fans its' size: the Haiku motor is 80% more efficient than simalr sized fan motors. It's made of sustainably harvested Moso bamboo or durable matrix composite. The Haiku also has some nifty options including an LED light, a wall monitor that can control up to three fans and a super smart technology called SenseME whuich knows when you enter or leave a room, turning Haiku on and off automatically.

Haiku Fans.jpg

SenseMe can also monitors the room’s temperature and humidity, adjusting Haiku’s speed when conditions change and can even learn your comfort preferences, tailoring those speed adjustments to what you find comfortable. Haiku® with SenseME™ is also the first fan controllable through a smart-phone app. One can use the app to set schedules for both the fan and light or select from several unique control modes. For example, one can program the fan for a "Gradual Awake", a proprietary mode that gently increases the fan’s speed and light for a more pleasant wake-up, which research has proven reduces that can’t-get-out-of-bed feeling.

I know what you're thinking. Why do our home appliances and home systems need to be so smart that we need another app? Can't we just have our robot take care of all the details?

Oh, well, I guess our robots appreciate a good app just like we do so they can make their busy, hectic lives just a little bit easier.

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