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Petition Station.... Instead of Reacting, Take Action: Stop the Unnecessary Fossil Fueled Power Plan has a super important petition that aims to stop a dirty, fossil fueled power plant (Caithness II) from being built on Long Island.

As a person who grew up on Long Island this is of particular concern for me. With solar capacity increasing greatly and energy efficiency measures helping offset power demand, the last thing Long Island needs is another dirty plant. What Long Island and the rest of the country needs is more solar power, more wind power, more wave and tidal power and more energy efficiency. It is time to stop buying into the falsehood that we can't be powered by renewable energy, that we can not transition to a green economy because it will cost too much.

This important petition states:

**"There has been no demonstrated "need" to actually build this power plant; 750 megawatt hours is far beyond what is necessary to satisfy the 100 hours of summer peak demand that LIPA is using to justify this project. As a result, Caithness II's enormous costs and overcapacity will eradicate any future meaningful need to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, a result that will impact Long Island for the next 20 years....all when there has been no demonstrated need to do so in the first place."

**"Caithness II will cost $3 billion dollars of ratepayer money, and this cost does not include the cost of building a required pipeline from Connecticut to Yaphank, a pipeline whose costs and environmental impact have yet to be reviewed. It is expected, however, that this pipeline will run through 55 acres of Core Pine Barrens, the headwaters of the Peconic River, and through the Carmans River.

**"Caithness II will exceed EPA threshholds for Ozone and Nitrous Oxide, as will it release hazardous compounds, such as radon, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, and others into our atmosphere. "

And the final nail in the coffin of Caithiness II:

**""The American Lung Association just gave Suffolk County an F for its air quality; more importantly, the incidence of asthma and other respiratory related emergencies is much higher in the area immediately surrounding Caithness I than in other local areas; building Caithness II in the same neighborhood will only heighten this statistic."

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