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Five Reasons Not to Be Depressed About Climate Change

There are so many silver linings underneath the cloud of climate change news. Below are a few feel good news stories we found in past month that keep our mojo going. Thanks to all the passionate, hard working humans who are out there making positive changes.

*The World in 2025″ Predicts Abundant Solar Power and Food, Tailored Drugs, Gene Therapies

*The U.S. Bans GMOs, Bee-Killing Pesticides in All Wildlife Refuges

The Fish and Wildlife Service will phase out genetically engineered crops and neonicotinoids by 2016.

*A new battery that’s cheap, clean, rechargeable, and organic could pave the way for renewable energy sources to make up a greater share of a country's energy generation by economically storing energy at night

*Climate Impacts Stop Plan for Bulldozing of Wilderness: In a precedent-setting ruling, a federal court has rejected the approval of a coal company’s plan to bulldoze roads through pristine Colorado wilderness, citing climate change impacts.

*This Student-Invented Device Eliminates Almost All of the Emissions from Gas Powered Lawnmowers

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