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Sandcastlematt Rocks with His Stunning Seaside Sculptures Made of Sand and Driftwwod

He's an internet sensation and it's no surprise he goes by the moniker of sandcastlematt. This Boston area student makes his sculptures with sand and driftwood he finds on the beach. The matetials and the setting are combined in such an exquisite way they almost feel as if Mother Nature made them herself.

sandcastlematt pic.jpg

Despite a similarity of style, each of sandcasltematt's installations seem too mimic and merge with the natural surroundings, making them seem at once timeless and contemporary.


What this two minute video that sequences Sandcastlematt's photos with reggae-salsa music you might hear at a tiki bar on the beach while you're sipping a pina colada.

Thanks Matt for still being a kid who knows that the simple fun of playing in the sand is what life's all about.

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