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Brilliant Billboard in Peru Produces Potable Water from Humidity Taken Out of the Air

Check out this inspiring video depicting how students at Peru's University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) created a billboard that takes the humidity out of the air and filters it to provide safe drinking water to residents in Mayo, a desert coastal community.

Many residents of this desert community, which has a humidity level of 98% but gets almost no rain, have no access to drinking water. This ingenious billboard, which promotes applications to attend UTEC, is also a large scale atmospheric water generator which provides hundreds of families enough drinking water to fill all of their needs.

There's literally a spout at the bottom of the tower holding up the billboard which not only quenches the communities thirst for water but also promotes UTEC, which obviosuly quenches the thirst for knowledge for some awesomely clever students in Peru.

Brilliant is all we can say. Absolutely fun and brilliant! Kudos UTEC!

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