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Survival Cool Product Pick: Portable Wind Turbines from WindPax Herald a Breezy, Cool, Clean Energy

wind turbine we have all been waiting for. These nifty, easily collapsible wind turbines from WindPax fold up like magic. They come in three sizes: The Wisp, (25 Watt), The Breeze (The 100 Watt) and The Cyclone (400 Watt).

Why rely just on solar energy when you can have wind as a back up? (Or was that wind at your back?!)

No self respecting eco-prepper should be without a portable wind turbine or two. They make an excellent addition to your solar powered bug out bags and backpacks.

For More Info About WindPax turbines, go to our Survival Cool Section.

Check out this video of camping with WindPax turbines.

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