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Billboard in Peru Cleans & Purifies Air, As Much as 1200 Trees!

Talk about a double whammy! A billboard designed by students at the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in Lima, Peru, not only promotes clean air, it purifies the air for five blocks around the billboard. The billboard has the air pollution cleansing effect equivalent to as much as 1200 trees.

The UTEC campus, as is much of Lima, is undergoing a lot of construction. So, this university-designed billboard helps take pollutants emitted during the construction on the campus out of the atmosphere. The billboard uses low power technology which vacuums air through a water filter and pumps it back into the atmopshere, purified.

The students at UTEC should surely be talking to other big cities about bringing their invention to neighborhoods around the world. The West Side Highway in Manhattan could use one of these amazing machines to help clean the air from the non-stop New York City traffic, and herald the cool things the next generation is conjuring up to push us into a clean, renewable future.

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