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Cool Stuff for a Cool Planet: Flying Drones Dance Alongside Humans at Spiral Hall in Tokyo

The performance by Japanese dance company, "Eleven Play", involving dancing drones gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a performance "droning" on. "Eleven Play" choreographs performance pieces that include beautiful music, LED lighting, human dancers and unmanned aerial vehicles AKA drones.

Soon we will be going out on the town with a 3D avatar or a tele-presence robot controlled by a friend across the globe. Indeed, we are not too far away from an era when a rainbow of "beings" will perform together on stage and mingle in the audience: robots, cyborgs (half human-half machine), drones, 3D avatars, and, oh yes, regular old humans, some of which have not been enhanced except with the old fashioned stuff like plastic surgery, pacemakers and prosthetic limbs.

None of this should be a surprise as Tupac was resurrected in 2012 as a hologram and performed "live" after death. And, a fictional Avatar named Hatsune Miku regularly sells out stadium sized concerts with her sci-fi pop music.

The world is sure to get trippier as the sci-fi future we once only dreamed is now becoming reality and what is now real, surreal. But, hey, the show goes on. As the rock band ELP said: "Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends. We're glad you could attend. Come inside! Come Inside!"

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