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Petition of the Week: Are Pesticides Killing Honey Bees? Duh!! Tell Bayer to Stop Selling Bee Ki

A few years ago, when the Colony Collapse Disorder of honey bees (crucial pollinators) started getting mainstream media attention the first thing I thought of was - it's obvious that the bees were dying from all the herbicides and pesticides sprayed on farms, yards and home gardens.

I mean, hello!! Pesticides and herbicides are meant to kill things! Why would bees be safe?

For awhile, the media seemed to question how and why the bee population was declining in such a worrisome way. Thankfully, new reports and advocacy from groups like Friends of the Earth has made us aware. It is urgent we reduce the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides. And not just for the bees health, but also for our own.

Join the Social Media SWARM. Tell Bayer to stop the spin and stop selling bee killing pesticides. Post this message on Bayer’s Facebook page: “Bayer, stop the PR spin and stop selling bee-killing pesticides.”

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