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Jason Silva: Poet Prophet of Awe Serves up an Intoxicating Concoction For the Future

He's Timothy Leary meets Jack Kerouac meets the rapper variation on Ray Kurzweil. His name is Jason Silva.

We met in front of NYC's MOMA on what was a quiet day as the museum was closed. We caught each other's eye by chance. I was so startled I blurted out "I love your show Max and Jason on Current TV!" A 15 minute conversation ensued covering everything from The Singularity to Serendipity.

Jason and I traded emails a few times afterward. I spotted him a year later at The Singularity Summit in NYC. Jason was floating around like a celestial being, accompanied by actress Heather Graham. To my secret self, I named them The Hollywood Singulatarians.

Feeling a bit under the weather, I did not have the energy to muster up a “Hello Jason!” He, though, was in his usual rarin-to-go-optimistic form as he gave one of his hopped up live video presentations at the summit on how magnificent our world is and will continue to be.

At the time I thought Jason's energy was almost too infectious and his intensity so ardent that his deepness came across a tad shallow, perhaps too manic. Now, looking back, I realize I was probably a tad jealous and in ill humour, having come down with a winter cold that drained my usual upbeat energy. (AND, not to mention, when you go to a Singularity Summit it is easy to feel like the dumbest person in the room as you are literally surrounded by geniuses and billionaires!!)

One can not just sum up or pigeonhole the likes of Jason Silva. It can be said of him, though, for certain, that he wholeheartedly believes the world is getting better and our future will not be awful. It WILL be FILLED with AWE!

Check out Jason Silva's Video "We're on the Right Track". There's too much negativity coming at us from all directions and Silva's sexy, philosophical eye candy helps us focus on the positive side of human evolution.

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