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Best of the Web: Five Reasons Not To Be Depressed About Climate Change

The doom and gloom of the world's climate change high noon can be stressful and New York Green Advocate is here to be an antidote to the anxiety that sometimes comes with being eco-conscious.

It is our goal here at New York Green Advocate to focus on bringing you positive, uplifting news, people and stories that show you the amazing progress we are achieving to make our lives more healthy, safe and secure.

Yes, we know there are many problems out there, and yeah, sure, call us naive, wide-eyed fans of techno-optimist Ray Kurzweil, but so be it. We can live with that.

There are many positive things happening that will reduce carbon emissions and help take tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere. And, there are a growing number of engaged citizens helping to manifest a good future. Every week we will shine some light on inspiring, optimistic tidbits to keep your green mojo going and hopefully make our bumpy millennial ride a bit smoother, if not fun to boot.

Here are five feel good things I found in the past week that helped me get out of bed in the morning and reach for a cup of organic Joe:

1) Have We Reached the Clean Energy Tipping Point?

Via EcoBuildingPulse

2) Swiss Unveil New Solar Powered Plane for Global Flight

Via Renewable Energy World

3) Electric Car Sales are Growing 100% Every Year

Via TreeHugger

4) How The Local Food Economy is Challenging Big Food

Via Next City

5) San Francisco Names Chief Resilience Officer

Via Our Friend, Alex Wilson, at the Resilient Design Institute

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